Property for Sale in Greece - Buy Property in Greece your web description en-en Copyright 2024 Β1290 - Traditional 2 bedroom cottage with spectacular panoramic view. This lovingly maintained house has traditional materials such as stone and wood, infused with modern technology, creating a stunning result that blends perfectly into the local enviro Nafpaktos-Aitoloakarnania-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1266-For sale two detached houses in Avlida ,one in front of the other , total of 130 sq.m , on a land of 584 sq,m ,4 bedrooms ,2 baths ,fireplace ,with autonomous heating .Is located in 250m from the sea ! Avlida-Evia-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1264-For sale land plot in Kampos, Zaharo ,8000 sq.m .Is buildable ,fenced , levelness , with drilling , has 50 m facade , 140 olive trees .In the land ,there is a detached house of 75 sq.m ,having 2 bedrooms , 1 bath . Zacharo-Ileia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1266 - FOR SALE MAISONETTE OF 380m2, COMPOSED OF 3 LEVELS,1st: BEDROOM,OFFICE,GYM,STORAGE 2nd : KITCHEN, LIVING AND DINNING ROOM, 3o : 3 BEDROOMS, JACUZZI, STORAGE, CONTAINED POOL OF 40m2, STOKEHOLD, BARBEQUE OF 100m2, 6km FROM RETHIMNO Rethimno-Rethymno-Crete 2016-03-25 B1265 - FOR SALE HOUSE OF 62.29m2, IN PLOT OF 6013m2, EVEN, BULDABLE, CONSIST OF 85 OILTREES, 10km FROM ANCIENT OLIMPIA, 5km FROM PIRGOS AND SEA Archea Olympia-Ileia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1264 - FOR SALE BUILDING OF 400m2, COMPOSED OF GROUND FLOOR WITH 2 SHOPS OF 85 - 95m2, 1st FLOOR OF 111m2 : 3 FLATLETS - TWO-BEDROOM-APARTMENT, 2nd FLOOR OF 108m2 : AUTONOMOUS FURNISED APARTMENT, 3 MINUTES FROM LOUTRA KILINIS, IN ARKOUDI,ILIAS Vartholomio-Ileia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1263 - FOR SALE PLOT OF 5.500m2, EVEN, BUILDABLE, ABILITY BUILDING OF 500m2, FACADE OF 25m, 63km FROM NAPLIO, 12km FROM KRANIDI, DIDIMA, ARGOLIDAS Argolida-Argolida-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 Β1260-For sale luxury apartment 117 sq.m on the entresol in Gargitos 1 ,Gerakas,Athens .It consists of 3 bedrooms ,1 bath , living and kitchen room .It is next to Attiki street ,bus stops ,only 250 m from Gerakas avenue ,500 m from schools . Gerakas-Eastern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 B1259 - FOR SALE PLOT OF 3.000 m2, FLAT, BUILDABLE, 2.5 km FROM THE SEA, 2.8 km FROM AIRPORT, IN STERNES, CHANIA Chania-Chania-Crete 2016-03-25 B1283 - FOR SALE LAND PARCEL OF 8.000m2, INCLUDED COTTAGE OF 87m2, FENCED, NEAR SKI CENTER - VASILITAS, IN THE 5th OF GREVENA-MAVRANA Grevena-Grevena-North Greece 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1252-For sale detached house, under construction ,in Lilaia ,Parnassos ,Greece.Is 185sq.m on a land of 435sq.m .It consists of 3 floors,having 3 bedrooms,,2 baths,1 kitchen,1 living rooms,1 fireplaces.Is close to the ski center ! Parnassos-Fokida-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1251-For sale apartment in Sikiona,Kiato ,187sq.m .Is consisted of 3 bedrooms,3 baths ,kitchen ,dining-living room.Has fireplace ,A/C ,solar ,security door,autonomous heating , BBQ,a beautiful garden ,double windows.There is parking space of 60sq.m Sikyonion-Corinth-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1250-For sale luxurious maisonette in Perdika ,Aigina ,104sq.m .Built in 2001 ,is consisted of 3bedrooms,2 baths ,fireplace kitchen and living room.Has 51sq.m balconies ,a beautiful garden ,pool .Is only 400 m from the organized beach Klima . Aigina-Piraeus - Argosaronikos Islands-Piraeus 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1243-For sale land plot in Kalavrita ,Greece ,348 sq.m .Is buildable with structure factor=1,2 ,coverage factor =60 % ,fenced ,included in city plan .Within the land there is a property of 101 sq.m .Is 1 hour to the ski center . Kalavryta-Achaia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1241-For sale land plot in Vathi ,Aigina 1079 sq.m.It is buildable with 400 sq.m structure , 20 m facade , essential for agricultural use ,450 m from the sea , 5 minutes by car to Souvalas . It has a nice view to the sea and to the mountain Aigina-Piraeus - Argosaronikos Islands-Piraeus 2016-03-25 B1240-For sale detached house in Kalo Limani ,Lesvos ,Greece ,is 180 sq.m on a land of 750 sq.m .Is built in 2007 , consisted of 3 floors ,having 5 bedrooms , 3 wc,fireplace , kitchen and living room .It is only 250 m from the sea . Kalloni-Lesvos-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1239-For sale maisonette in Marathos , Nea Agchilaos, Greece ,189 sq.m on a land of 373 sq.m Built in 1997 ,is consisted of 3 floors , including 3 bedrooms ,2baths,kitchen and living room .Is only 80 m from the sea . Nea Agchialos-Magnisia-Thessalia 2016-03-25 B1238-For sale apartment in Vrilissia ,Athens, Greece .Is 104 sq.m with a basement of 44 sq.m .Built in 2008 ,is consisted of 2 bedrooms ,1wc,1 bath , kitchen and living room .It also has a beautiful garden . Vrilissia-Northern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1231-For sale complex of 3 under structure modern maisonettes in Akrotiri ,Mitilini ,Greece .It is 755 sq.m , having an outstanding view to the sea .Every property can be sold apart as well . Mytilini-Lesvos-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1230 - For Sale Large Land, Methoni 47000sq.m, For development, For tourist exploitation, Suitable for agricultural use , Sea view, For investment, price: 400.000€ Methoni-Messinia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 Β1228-For sale hotel in Pella ,Edessa ,Greece ,250 sq.m on a land of 286 sq.m .Built in 2004 ,consisted of 7 fully furnished rooms ,7 baths .In the reception area ,there is a large living room with a fireplace .It is only 500 m from the center . Edessa-Pella-North Greece 2016-03-25 B1227-For sale land in Poligiros ,Chalkidiki ,Greece ,4985 sq.m .It is buildable with maximum structure of 600 sq.m , slopingness ,triphasic .Within the land there is drilling .It is 1000 m from the sea . Poligiros-Chalkidiki-North Greece 2016-03-25 B1221-For sale plot in Agios Minas ,Chios ,Greece ,1168 sq.m .Is buildable ,with maximum structure of 400 sq.m ,fenced ,levelness,suitable for rural and professional use ,has drilling . Agios Minas-Chios-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1220-For sale plot in Limenaria,Thasou ,Greece , 362 sq.m .It is an investment land ,buildable ,levelness ,facade ,has structure factor=0.6 ,coverage factor =40% . Thasos-Kavala-North Greece 2016-03-25 B1219- TWO INCOMPLETE STONE MAISONETTES OF 200m2 + 135m2, IN PLOT OF 2.500m2, INCLUDED BASEMENT STORAGE AND TANK WATER, PISTACHIO TREES, IN A QUIET AREA, 2.5km FROM AEGINA Aigina-Piraeus - Argosaronikos Islands-Piraeus 2016-03-25 B1218-For sale plot in the center of Naxos ,Greece , 2500 sq.m .It is an investment land , buildable ,with maximum structure of 200 sq.m .It has an outstanding view to the sea . Naxos-Naxos-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1217-For sale plot in Kalogria ,Kardamili ,Greece, 2152 sq.m .Is buildable ,with maximum structure of 500 sq.m .Is only 20 m from the sea ,located in Kalogria beach ,having an outstanding view .Within the land there is a property in good condition. Lefktro-Messinia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 Β1217-For sale plot inChamolia,Braurona,Greece ,1026 sq.m . (available from 12 of March) Is buildable ,with structure factor =0,3 ,coverage factor =20% ,facade =23,04m , depht=45 m .It is 700 m from the Xamolia Beach . Markopoulo Mesogaias-Eastern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 Β1216-For sale land in Naupaktos, Greece, 700 sq.m .Is buildable , slopingness ,with structure factor=0,8 coverage factor=60 % and maximum structure of 480 sq.m ,12m facade.There is also a property within the land in a good condition . Nafpaktos-Aitoloakarnania-Central Greece 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1213-For sale land in Makrinitsa ,Magnisia ,Greece .Is 2059 sq.m ,buildable ,triphasic ,slopingness, with electricity and water supply .Coverage factor=60% , structure factor=80% .Within the land is a property in good condiition . Makrinitsa-Magnisia-Thessalia 2016-03-25 B1212 - FOR SALE PLOT OF 1.063m2, AMPHITHEATER, COVERAGE FACTOR 0.4 , 300m FROM THE SEA, IN AREA AZOLIMNOS, SIROS Syros/Siros-Syros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 Β1211-For sale business property in Stagira ,Olimpiada ,9000 sq.m .It used to be a camping .consists of a warehouse , an infirmary ,mini market , 2 swimming pools .It has water and electricity supply .It is only 500 m from the sea . Stageira-Chalkidiki-North Greece 2016-03-25 Β1210-For sale plot 246 sq.m in Xalandri ,Athens.It is buildable with structure factor =0,8 ,maximum buildable size 196 sq.m . There is also a property in a good condition inside the borders . Xalandri-Northern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 B1208-For sale detached house in Glossa,Skopelos , 120 sq.m .Built in 1950 ,renovated in 2005 .It consists of 2 levels , has 3 bedrooms,1 bath,1 wc ,fully equpped kitched ,furnished . The house has breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea ,Skiathos,Pelion . Skopelos-Magnisia-Thessalia 2016-03-25 B1222 - For Sale Land Plot || Cyclades/Kea-Tzia - 4.000 Sq.m, 90.000€ very close to IOYLIDA and sea ! Kea-Kea-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1207-For sale complex of 4 furnished detached houses in Foinikounta, Methoni, 160 sq.m on a land of 11288 sq.m .The land is buildable .The distance to the sea is only 800m . Methoni-Messinia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1206-For sale maisonette in Resti,Salamina,Greece.Is 260 sq.m on a land of 450sq.m .It comprises of 4 bedrooms,2 baths,1 wc,3 kitchens,2 living rooms .It has a garden with trees and flowers.Also it is only 30 m from the sea . Salamina-Piraeus - Argosaronikos Islands-Piraeus 2016-03-25 Β1205-For sale detached house in Drepano ,Nauplio , 112 sq.m .Is built in 1970 , the 1st floor is renovated .It comprises of 4 bedrooms,2 baths ,has autonomous heating .It is only 1000m from the sea . Asini-Argolida-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1203-For sale detached house in Nikisiani,Kavala, 270 sq.m .It comprises of 4 floors ,5 bedrooms,2 baths ,1 fireplace ,a very large garden ,and an outstanding view to the surrounding lands.Groundfloor of 90sq.m can be purchased with an extra 40000 euros Kavala-Kavala-North Greece 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1202-For sale detached house in Livadi,Kithira ,50 sqft on a land of 750 sqft .Is built in 2000 , comprises of 2 bedrooms ,1 bath ,has A/C ,double windows ,garden ,open parking lot .Is 1500 m away from the sea ,2000 m from the city . Kithira-Rest of Piraeus-Piraeus 2016-03-25 B1200-For sale apartment in Rodos ,Greece ,90 sqft .Is built in 2008 ,has 2 bedrooms ,1 bath , double windows , A/C , solar , autonomous heating ,has garden .Is near to the sea ,restaurants ,cafes ,courts . Rodos-Rodos/Rhodes-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1199-For sale detached house 230 sq.m in Aigio ,Kalyvitis .Built in 2012 . .Has 4 bedrooms ,3 bathrooms ,fireplace ,playroom (70sqft) ,BBQ ,boiler ,double windows,fully furnished .Has an outstanding view to the Korinthiakos sinus . Aigio-Achaia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 Β1198-For sale apartment 90 sqft in the center of Thessaloniki , right on the Aristotelous square .Is built in 1972,renovated ,on the 4th floor ,has 2 bedrooms ,1 bath ,double windows ,security door . Center-Central Thessaloniki-Thessaloniki 2016-03-25 B1195 -For sale land on Zaxaro,Peloponesse .,6750 sq.f ,in front of an avenue,fenced ,builtable ,structure factor =1 ,only 450 m from the sea . Zacharo-Ileia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1194-For sale land in Leukada , 2000 square footage ,fenced ,water and electricity supply .There is a permission that can be built a property of 200 sq.f .Its current sales price is 200000 euros. Lefkada-Leukada-Ionian Islands 2016-03-25 B1193-For sale detached house in Porto Rafti ,480sq.f on a land of 800sq.f. Has 7 bedrooms ,4 bathrooms ,3 living rooms ,3 kitchen rooms,4 fireplaces .From its balconies has an outstanding view to the sea . Markopoulo Mesogaias-Eastern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 Β1192-For sale detached house in Agios Kostantinos ,Loggos .Is 135 sq.f on a land of 500 sq.f .Has 4 bedrooms ,2 baths ,1 fireplace ,BBQ ,storeroom of 10 sq.f and an outstanding view to the sea . Agios Konstantinos-Fthiotida-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1191- For sale apartment in Fylla ,Chalkida ,205 sq.f .Is a newly built apartment on the 1st floor ,has 3 bedrooms,2 baths ,1 fireplace ,sauna,Jacuzzi .Its sales price :200000 Chalkida-Evia-Central Greece 2016-03-25 Β1288 - Α plot of land located in Kryoneri,in the northern suburbs of Athens near cosmopolitan Kifissia.Exquisite nature around, with flora and fauna characterised as endangered species, suitable pleasurable long walks.The plot of land itself is f Kryoneri-Northern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 Β1188-For sale villa in Maries ,Zakynthos ,240 sq.footage on a land of 8000 sq.f and a 50 sq.f property ( has 1 bedroom ,1bath,fireplace ,storeroom,kitchenroom.The closest beach, Porto Vromi and the famous Shipwreck are 6.9 km away. Elation-Zakynthos-Ionian Islands 2016-03-25 For sale villa in Maries,Zakynthos ,240sq.footage on a land of 4000 sq.f.The closest beach, Porto Vromi and the famous Shipwreck are 6.9 km away. Villa Elatia is 16 mi from Zakynthos town .Zakynthos Airport is also 16 mi away. Elation-Zakynthos-Ionian Islands 2016-03-25 Β1186-business property ,(rental rooms) of 500 sq.footage on a land of 4150sq.f .It comprises of 10 rooms ,10 baths ,2 lobbies ,1 kitchen ,fully furnished .It sales price is 420000 euros Elassona-Larisa-Thessalia 2016-03-25 B1184-For sale apartment in Marousi ,Agia Filothei ,Greece.It has 3 bedrooms ,2baths ,fireplace ,storeroom of 10 sq.f. ,2 parking spaces , 2 Α/C ,dishwasher .It is very close to the Olympic stadium ,exits to Attiki road,supermarkets ,hospital. Marousi-Northern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 B1183-apartment in Ligia ,Korinthos , located in a complex ,71 square footage ,1st floor ,newly built ,fully furnished ,2 bedrooms 1 bathroom , only 30 m away from the sea .Its current sales price is 98000 Evrostina-Corinth-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 Β1190-For sale maisonette in Agia Pelagia ,Krete , 182sq.f on a land of 385 sq.f .Is a seaside property (only 30 m from the sea) ,that consists of 5 bedrooms ,5 baths ,1 fireplace .Its current sales price is 450000 euro Iraklio-Heraklion-Crete 2016-03-25 B1182-maisonette 119 square footage .The House is built in 2014 to the highest safety and quality standards, fitted out with the highest quality of finishing material, located on a plot of 624 sq.m.Each room has a balcony with an outstanding view . Styra-Evia-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1180 MAISONETTE, THESALONIKI, KALAMARIA, KARABOURAKI, 2LEVEL, 3 BEDROOMS, PARKING, FIREPLACE, NATURAL GAS HEATING, SEA VIEW,133sqm, 290.000€ Karabournaki-Thessaloniki Suburbs-Thessaloniki 2016-03-25 B1168 PLOT, KORINTHIA, XYLOKASTRO, KATO LOUTRO, FLAT, FENCED WITH DRILLING, WATER - CURRENT SUPPLY,WITH WAREHOUSE, 10m FROM THE SEA, 10300sqm 1.000.000€ Xylokastro-Corinth-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1178 2 FLOOR APARTMENTS, ATHENS, AMPELOKIPI, 3ed - 4th FLOOR, 3 BEDROOMS, FACADE, CENTRAL OIL HEATING, CLOSE METRO, 214sqm, 400000€ Ampelokipi-Center of Athens-Athens 2016-03-25 B1177, APARTMENT, PATRA, LAGOURAS, AGIOS GEORGIOS, 1st FLOOR, 2 BEDROOMS, FURNISHED,WAREHOUSE, PARKING, FIREPLACE, 85sqm, 87000€ Patra-Achaia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1176, PLOT, FOLEGANDROS, AGIOS GIORGIOS, FENCED, BUILDABLE, OUT CITY PLAN, 250 m FROM SEA, 6000sqm, 60.000€ Folegandros-Folegandros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1175, PLOT, FOLEGANDROS, ANO MERIA, FENCED, BUILDABLE, OUT OF CITY PLAN, 1000m FROM SEA, 5767sqm, 60000€ Folegandros-Folegandros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1174, PLOT, FOLEGANDROS, ANO MERIA, FENCED, BUILDABLE,SEASIDE, 26000sqm, 240.000€ Folegandros-Folegandros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1170 SEMI -DETACHED HOUSE, DRAMA, VOLAKAS, TWO FLOOR, 3+ROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS , FRAMES TYPE ALUMINIUM AND WOOD INTERIOR.NEARBY SKI CENTER FALAKROU, 100sqm, IN PLOT 1300 sqm Drama-Drama-North Greece 2016-03-25 B1171 PLOT, EAST MANI, GEROLIMENAS, ALIKA, WITH READY PROJECT OF 3 TWO-STOREYD BUILDINGS AND BASEMENT, WITHIN SETTLEMENT AREA, SEA VIEW, 4502sqm Mani Anatoliki-Lakonia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1181 - Paralia-Achaia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1169 PLOT, STEREA ELLADA, FOKIDA, LIDORIKI, KONIAKOS, WITH CONSTRUCTION PLAN OF FURNISHED APPARTMENTS , RESTAURANTS AND OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL VIEW MOUNTAIN, 681sqm, 25000€ Lidoriki-Fokida-Central Greece 2016-03-25 Β1167 DETACHED HOUSE, ATTIKI, SARONIKOS, PALAIA FOKAIA, GROUND FLOOR, 3 BEDROOMS, FIREPLACE, PARKING, BBQ, FACADE, GARDEN, 1600m FROM SEA,97sqm IN PLOT 1200sqm , 250000€ Palaia Fokaia-Rest of Attica-Athens 2016-03-25 B1135 For sale ground floor store of 85 sq.m. also 2 apartments of total area 85 sqm, sea view,Fokida, Erateini, Tolofonos, (close to Parnassos, Delfi,Galaxidi) 160.000€ Tolofona-Fokida-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1134 FOR SALE PLOT, KEA-TZIA, AGIA MARINA,IDEAL FOR INSTALLATION OF SOLAR PANELS, NEARBY POISSES BEACH, VIEW SEA, 1182,5 sqm , 15000€ Kea-Kea-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1129 - FOR SALE 2 AREAS 20510sqm and 97091sqm WITH DILAPIDATED BUILDINGS 23,5sqm and 25sqm, VIEW TO THE SEA, ACHLA-APOIKIA ANDROS Andros-Andros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1125 - FOR SALE LAND OF 7.218m2, BUILDABLE, ABILITY FOR BUILDING OF 182m2, THERE IS A COUNTRIFIED BUILDING OF 62m2, IN AREA AGIOS ZACHARIAS-MPATSI, ANDROS Andros-Andros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1124 - FOR SALE LAND OF 4.560m2, BUILDABLE, ABILITY FOR BUILDING 155m2, IN AREA DAMASKINOS-MPATSI, ANDROS Andros-Andros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1165 PLOT, EAST MANI, AEROPOLI, ARHELATOS, ABLE TO BUILD, FLAT, IN CITY PLAN, NICE VIEW, AGRICULTURAL EXPLOITATION, ELECTRICITY - WATER SUPPLY 1250sqm, 50000€ Mani Anatoliki-Lakonia-Peloponnese 2016-03-25 B1104 FOR SALE INCOPLETE BUILDING IN NEW PORT OF LAVRIO.SUITABLE FOR OFFICES OR COMERCIAL STORES. 755 sqm , 2000000€ Lavrio-Rest of Attica-Athens 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 B1112 FOR SALE, MAISONETTE, PAROS, ALYKI, IN A COMPLEX SIX APARTEMENTS WITH SWIMMING POOL, 102 sqm in PLOT 1000 sqm Paros-Paros-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 N/A 2016-03-25 Β1110 - FOR SALE TRADITIONAL HOUSE 90sqm IN A PLOT OF 650sqm, STONED, HABITABLE, WITH PROSPECT VIEW, GARDEN, VARNAVAS-ATTIKI Varnavas-Rest of Attica-Athens 2016-03-25 B1109 - FOR SALE PLOT 4100sqm, 30km FROM ATHENS, BUILDABLE, WITH LIGHT-WATER, INSIDE THE CITY PLAN, 10km BY THE SEA, VARNAVA-ATTIKI Varnavas-Rest of Attica-Athens 2016-03-25 B1107 FOR SALE GRAND EXTENDS OF LAND KARPATHOS, AROUA, VIEW SEA, OLIVE TREES, 8500sqm 45000€ Karpathos-Karpathos-Aegean Sea 2016-03-25 B1106 - FOR SALE PLOT 2 ACRES IN TWO LEVELS, GEORGIOUPOLI-N.XANION Georgoupoleos-Chania-Crete 2016-03-25 B1103 FOR SALE SEMI DETACHED HOUSE EVIA, MARMARI 195 sqm 60000€ Marmari-Evia-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1101 FOR SALE MAISONETTE DOUBLE FLOOR IN A GROUP OF MAISONETTES, ON THE CORNER AND INDEPENDENT, HYDROMASSAGE INSTALLATION IN THE LARGE VERANDA,WITH STOREROOM AND VERANDAS ,ATHENS, HALANDRI, LOCATION BETWEEN PENTELI, KIFISSIA, MELISSIA, XALANDRI-ATTIKI Xalandri-Northern Suburbs-Athens 2016-03-25 B1102 - FOR SALE DETACHED HOUSE 220sqm, 3 BEDROOMS, UNLIMITED VIEW,THE HOUSE IS NEAR THE PORT (5MIN BY FOOT OR 2MIN BY CAR)-THE SUPER MARKET-PHARMACY-CAFE-THE BEACH IS 10MIN BY FOOT, MARMARI-N.EUBOEA Marmari-Evia-Central Greece 2016-03-25 B1099 - FOR SALE DETACHED HOUSE 72sqm, 2 BEDROOMS, 1 BATHROOM, 1 FIREPLACE, 30m FROM THE SEA, VIEW TO THE SEA, SKALOMA NAYPAKTOY-N.AITOLOAKARNANIAS Nafpaktos-Aitoloakarnania-Central Greece 2016-03-25